Products and Services

We have software to design network based on their size and operation to be able to optimize water flow networks, avoiding stagnation and water supply disruptions.

The main way to improve network efficiency, a major source of resource conservation, is to reduce leaks. In many of the word's cities, more than 20% of water produced is lost in the distribution network. In Brazil according to SNIS - National System of Sanitary Information 42% is the loss estimated. This represents U$ 4,2 billion loss every year.

NEXUS can rehabilitate such leaky networks and propose techniques starting with the use of network management tools such as modeling, geographical information systems, etc.

NEXUS is constantly innovating to give clients tools to precisely track their water use. We promote management through the dispatch of service orders and saving water by gradually replacing dated equipment and installing individual meters for everyone.

In the last 19 years, we have acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in manage water networks. Always seeking ways to deliver more efficient services, we are making progress in smart network management. This technology helps to plan the water pipes in the network. It alerts the central operator about service orders in real time in the map.